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gsf1Applying general safety principles—such as proper work practices, equipment, and controls— can help reduce workplace accidents involving the moving, handling, and storing of materials. Whether moving materials manually or mechanically, Abc. employees should know and understand the potential hazards associated with the task at hand and how to control their workplaces to minimize the danger. Numerous injuries can result from improper handling and storing of materials. Abc crew are also aware of accidents that may result from the unsafe or improper handling of equipment as well as from improper work practices. In addition, crew should be able to recognize the methods for eliminating—or at least minimizing—the occurrence of such accidents.

Manual Material Handling (MMH) General Practice

Particular handling and lifting techniques are needed for different kinds of loads or materials being handled (for example, compact loads, small bags, large sack , handholds on load and gripping aids – 1, cylinders, sheet materials like metal or glass), team handling.

Particular tasks or objects require specialized equipment for example (for example, mechanical aids for transporting materials ).

Do not lift if you are not sure that you can handle the load safely.